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5th Hybrid Modeling Summer School (5HMSS) in NOVID FCT, Lisbon, Portugal

The 5th Hybrid Modeling Summer School (5HMSS), held from October 2nd to 4th in NOVAID FCT, Lisbon, Portugal, provided a transformative learning experience for all researchers, professors, industrial professionals and students. This event was specially sponsored by DataHowAG, BioLaMer Project and REQUIMTE-LAQV associated research Lab. This summer school was organized by Prof. Rui Oliveira (FCT/UNL) and Moritz von Stosch (DataHow AG).

The BioLaMer Team at the Hybrid Modeling Summer School, NOVAID FCT, Lisbon

This summer school covered a diverse range of topics, from the fundamental concepts of hybrid modeling to advanced techniques. The wide range of topics covered in the event enabled each participant to explore new horizons and it was a fantastic experience with the whirlwind of knowledge and networking.

Day one kicked off with the inaugural ceremony and the lecture on the basics and various hybrid modeling methods by Prof. Rui Oliveira. The interesting case study on hybrid modelling presented by Moritz von Stosch gave an in-depth knowledge of the theories, and it was an awesome interactive session.

Progressing from these impactful sessions, there was a hands-on training session on the process optimization in DataHowLAB (a powerful simulator), hybrid modeling in Python and hybrid modeling of cyclopentenol production on a CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor), which facilitated the participants in gaining practical exposure to this powerful tool for optimizing and controlling the production process.

On the subsequent day, skilled professionals from the industry and academic professors from various universities provided insightful seminars about the real-time applications of Hybrid Models enabled with AI and Machine Learning.

Marco Reis presented on the topic ‘Navigating through the hybrid modeling plane’, which gave the understanding of the different tools/methodologies to develop modeling techniques. Sergio Rossel delivered a lecture on mechanistic models to perform modeling with the mammalian cell culture. Rui Oliveira explored the Hybrid modeling for culture media engineering that gave a deeper understanding of bioprocess control and optimization.

Dongda Zhang presented on the topic ‘Applying transfer and reinforcement learning to accelerate Hybrid modeling construction’, and Florian Fueher from Bayer talked about hybrid modeling for the prediction of bioavailability. Massimiliano Barolo explained the hybrid modeling framework to improve process monitoring which elucidates the different monitoring techniques in the industry that enable accurate monitoring solutions

Maria Papathanasiou shared insights into hybrid modeling in product and process design and manufacturing. Wolfgang Sommeregger from QUBICON highlighted the real-time application of models for (bio-)process monitoring and control. Elena Torfs delivered a presentation on Hybrid model development for fouling control in reverse osmosis membrane that imparted valuable information.

Ioscani Jimenez del Val presented the topic ‘Automated assembly of hybrid dynamic models for CHO cell culture processes which is the major concept utilized in bioprocess/pharmaceutical manufacturing for better decision-making. Finally, the closing session by Moritz von Stosch spotlighted the Hybrid modeling for accelerated process development to design and optimize the processes at the industrial level.

The 5th HMSS, NOVAID FCT campus set the stage for an unforgettable journey, and it was an exceptional platform for the participants from the multifaceted background, by shedding light on the application of hybrid modeling in various fields. The sessions not only provided transformative knowledge, but also promoted collaboration and establishment of professional connections.

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