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BioLaMer takes the stage at LCA Workshop in Milan

BioLaMer seizes the spotlight in the workshop organized by Associazione Rete Italian LCA, which was held in Milan. The focal point of the workshop revolved around “The role of LCA in the Ecodesign of chemical processes”. The event took place on January 25th, 2024.

We express our gratitude to our project collaborators at UNIBO, Dr Martina Pelliconi and Prof Serena Righi, for their active participation in the workshop and for sharing their invaluable insights through an engaging oral presentation. This workshop provided an excellent platform to showcase our innovative ideas and marks another significant milestone in our journey.

BioLaMer Project was presented with the title “The importance of Life Cycle Inventory accuracy in the Ecodesign of an innovative PHA production biorefinery”. The speech was focused on the groundbreaking PHA production process of BioLaMer Project, in which the significance of the implementation of the ecodesign principles since LCA early stages, with the aim to minimize the environmental burdens not only at the laboratory scale, but also at higher technology readiness level.

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