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Flies tipping the scales in the fight against pollution!

AMBER project BioLaMer seeks to address global issues of Food Waste & Plastics Pollution by utilising the common fly

AMBER the Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research, CRANN and Trinity College Dublin are delighted to announce the launch of BioLaMer project funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) through its EIC Pathfinder Open funding.

The European Innovation Council is Europe’s flagship innovation programme to identify, develop and scale up breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations. The EIC has been established under the EU Horizon Europe programme. It has a budget of €10.1 billion to support game changing innovations throughout the lifecycle from early-stage research to proof of concept, technology transfer, and the financing and scale up of start-ups and SMEs in Europe.

The BioLaMer project is aimed at addressing two significant global concerns, i) the management of increasing food waste and ii) petroleum plastics pollution, by developing an innovative practical solution to produce biopolymers and added-value bioplastic products starting from low-grade FW.

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